Getting Organized…

Let’s face it: We all waste time. We all have clutter. And we are all guilty of the occasional procrastinating. Unfortunately, it can catch up with us if we’re not careful. Here are a few tips for managing your time and getting back on track.

  • Don’t obsess or spin your wheels. If you can’t make a decision or complete a project or task in a reasonable amount of time, leave it, move on to something else, and come back to it.
  • Use your company’s flex time option to take advantage of your best times of day and / or have time in the office when noise and activity levels are less.
  • Have a list of all upcoming deadlines in a conspicuous location where you’re forced to look at them every time you enter your office or return to your desk. It’s almost a subliminal reminder system.
  • Leave the office early if you want to work at home in the evening. Have a relaxing dinner, and then settle in to work. Productivity increases after a few hours away from the task.
  • Clean out your e-mail inbox and outbox a couple of times a week. Not only are you getting rid of extraneous junk, you’re also being reminded of pending items you need to handle.
  • Use your Outlook calendar as your nagging secretary. With an important upcoming deadline or meeting, schedule a reminder a week before, three days before, the day before, and the day of the deadline – whatever it takes for you. There’s no way you will forget with such a nagging assistant!
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