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Exceed Expectations: We Never Let You Down


Once upon a time, a guy needed a new suit, pronto. The business event was the next day and he had less than 24 hours to ensure he looked the part. So, he headed over to his local mall to make a selection. But once he found the right one, the situation stopped going so smooth. The suit would not be ready for pickup until the next day, during which time he would be stuck in his office, swamped with work and unable to pick it up.

And then: a customer service miracle…

The next day, a store employee hand-delivered the now-ready suit into the guy’s apartment building for him while he was at work. The store arranged to do this even though rush home delivery is not one of their services. When the guy returned home from work in a hurry, the suit was already there, neatly laid out for him, just as the store had arranged.

That guy was our CEO, the store was Nordstrom, and that is a true example of what Exceeds Expectations means to us: We Never Let You Down.

Going above and beyond for your customers is something that, for some, comes as second nature, and that is why it holds an important place in our company’s Core Values. It’s about coming up with workable solutions for your client even when no immediate answer is available. It requires collaboration, cultivates teamwork, incorporates diverse talents, and produces a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment and pride once the job is done.

And now more than ever before, with the overflow of advertisements and marketing content fighting for consumers’ attention, it’s important to not only meet your customers’ expectations, but to far surpass them. This is best explained by a consumer study recently posted by ClientHeartbeat, which explains that customer expectations have two levels: desired and sufficient. The desired level is the service the customer hopes to obtain while the sufficient level is the service that the customer finds acceptable.

The takeaway from this is that client “satisfaction” is not always something to brag about. For example, if you offered a product at a too-good-to-be-true price, your client is probably expecting just that, a below-average end product. When you provide them with that, then yes, their expectations were met, but it’s because their expectations were low in the first place.

In order to reach that desired level, you must clearly outline and understand your promises to your clients, because this is what makes up their expectations. Moreover, these promises must hold true to what makes your services unique, or there is no way their expectations can be met. Do you promise the freshest ingredients, quickest turnaround, or perhaps the coolest animations in PowerPoint?

Define what you do best, set realistic expectations for your customers, and keep that promise to them. Then go beyond that and never let them down. Go ahead, exceed their expectations for an unexpectedly amazing experience (which by the way, is next week’s core value!)

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Core Values: It’s an Obsession

Pop quiz: What’s the golden rule of customer service?

If you answered “The Customer is Always Right,” that’s probably because it’s one of the first things you learned in the workforce. But did you actually believe it? This is where values come in…482037235

Like a unique name or logo, companies need strong core values to define what sets them apart. Values are crucially different from rules. Rules can feel isolating and artificial, whereas values define the very heart and soul of a company. They create a culture, encourage creativity and collaboration, and affect every aspect of the company from the employees it attracts to how those employees interact with one another and clients when the going gets tough.

Most importantly, values are beliefs that employees can individually interpret and experience for themselves. Joris Luijke, human resources director at Atlassian, Australia’s largest software exporter, puts it this way: “You can’t impose a value on a company, it’s not like a company goal or KPI. It needs to bubble up from below and it needs to be genuinely felt by all the staff.”

So it should come as no surprise that companies who are famous for their customer service also include out-of-the-box values in their company culture. To name a few:

  • Zappos: Create fun and a little weirdness
  • Disney: Honor and respect the trust people place in us
  • Amazon: Have backbone; disagree and commit
  • Google: You can be serious without a suit
  • Atlassian: No bulls–t

This is why Infinitely Big is excited to introduce you to our own Core Values Series. We’ll be posting a series of the five core values of our company and letting you know what each means to us. We would love to hear what they mean to you, and please share yours with us!

First up: Customer-Obsessed. Stay tuned to discover why every detail matters!

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The NEW Video…

Source: B2B Content Marketing Report: 2013 Survey Results, LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Community

Source: B2B Content Marketing Report: 2013 Survey Results, LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Community

Video is taking over. Journalism sites like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post are now using video to tell the stories that articles used to. Following the shift from print to interactive media, company websites can host internal videos to inform and update their teams instead of distributing print newsletters and materials. Marketers are studying how to best generate interest through the unique visual intimacy that only video can provide. And assisting in this upsurge are the social media sites – both for internal corporate use, like Yammer, and external, like Facebook – that allow for easy video sharing. Why say it if you can just play it, right?

A recent study by LinkedIn’s largest online group, The B2B Technology Marketing Community, thinks so. In a recent survey, its 50,000 members confirmed the current demand for content production, naming video as one of the most effective mediums for consumers to receive information, and, more importantly, react.

And where there’s priority to reach your audience, there’s certainly the priority to do it right! As the survey reveals, video production is the most outsourced form of content marketing. Now, with more than 80% of B2B marketers planning to increase their content production over the next 12 months, all signs point to video as the gateway to create consumer interest.

Here at Infinitely Big we not only embrace this platform, we enhance it. Our in-house production service covers everything from internal corporate videos to broadcast commercials. Click here to discover all the ways our video services can exceed your expectations!

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Consistency Wins…

One of the great things about chain restaurants like T.G.I. Friday’s, The Olive Garden, or Burger King – and it’s not their food – is consistency. You can walk into a T.G.I. Friday’s in New York City or Omaha, Neb., and you know what you are going to get. There is no deviation – the look is the same, the food is the same, and the prices are relatively the same. You never have to worry about getting sick or what the bathroom will look like. Again, I am not saying the food is fabulous or the places are immaculate – the point is, you know what you are going to get. And often, that in itself is comforting.

Think about your business for a minute. Do your corporate communications show consistency? Do you use the same logo on your letterhead, in an email newsletter, and in a print ad? Do your salespeople all communicate in the same manner? How about your customer service reps? Do they have a similar personality to one another? Do they provide similar results call after call?

Consistency and confidence in the areas mentioned above will keep your customers around for a long time to come. Just the way you are more comfortable with the golden arches than the local burger joint in a new city, your customers are comfortable with what’s familiar and consistent. They know what to expect and that is priceless.

It sounds easy, but consistency can be very challenging. But, if you can be consistent in the way you operate, you will keep your competitors at bay.

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